Spit stool in eyes, remove glasses in 1 month

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Spit stool in eyes, remove glasses in 1 month

Due to lack of water in the body, irregular food, contaminated food, stressful life and pollution-filled environment, spending more time is the biggest reason for the eyes being weak. Apart from those who spend more time with phones, computers, televisions and tablets, they are more prone to eye-related diseases. Nowadays, the way people have become lifestyle, it is imperative to have eyesight and eye glasses. For these reasons, your eyesight becomes weak and your eyes get clogged up.

Despite the many efforts of many people, the name of glasses does not take place. If despite all the efforts you are not able to remove the glasses on your eyes, then neither do you need to go to a doctor nor buy expensive medicines from the market. Today we are telling you an easy and tremendous home recipe to remove eyeglasses from your eyes.

Spit stool in eyes, remove glasses in 1 month

There are two types of people surrounded by the problem of eyes around us. Some people are associated with congenital eyes, so that they make glasses, some people make glasses due to their lifestyle. Nowadays, young people are also given glasses away to small school going children.

If you want to get rid of the eyeglasses, then we tell you the home remedies for enhancing eyesight and eyeglasses by which you can easily get rid of the glasses. Do you know how stale sputum gives us health benefits. Especially stale spit is very beneficial for our eyes.

How to use stale sputum :

Stutable spit means that morning's saliva works like a medicinal for us. As soon as we wake up in the morning, the first spit in our mouth (without rinse) can be removed from the eyes of the eyes by applying it on your eyes, along with other problems related to the eyes such as redness of the eyes, burning sensation etc.

Are there. In Ayurveda, there is talk of removing glasses from stale sputum. Therefore, those who have problems related to the eyes can wake up in the morning and spit stomach in their eyes.
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